A Bit A PM2 History for y’all:

World Renowned Gallery Per Square Metre was started in 2006 to fill a gap in the commercial gallery market- that of an affordable,accessable, 100% artist
run space. The main goals being to promote,inspire and motivate;
underground, up-n-coming and amateur artists and help them break into the
commercial market.
Per Square Metre encourages INCLUSIVE creativity and is well respected in
the scene due to their unpretentious skill sharing,knowledge and passion
for all people and things creative. As a studio, their prolific
collaborative work in group murals and exhibitions is well known and
sought after.

The Studio has housed artists such as Bernard Romerona, Dabs & Myla, Sear,
Dvate,Porno, Ling, Mayo, Sigs and numerous other nomadic artists from
Australia and around the globe. These artists and the Gallery have been
instrumental to raising the profile of street art and graffiti in the
legitimate art scene.

The News:

On May 31st 2010, Per Square Metre will close its Johnston street gallery doors, but we are all still doing our thing.
Due to forseen circumstances with dodgy landlords and the general
gentrification of Collingwood, Per Square Metre is closing it’s gallery until
a new suitable premises can be found to continue bringing you some light
love and liquor, but we are still here working on what we do best.
Dont cry! Alas, we knew the time would come when the mothership that is
Per Square Metre, would drop and send off her ‘pods’ to spread the love
and grow new projects here in Melbourne, around Australia and the world. Feel free to contact us with any offers.


Stay tuned kids….

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